Wellness in Bad Aussee: your refuge for some time-out

Taking some time-out in Bad Aussee

Your time at the WASNERIN can be spent in many different ways. To bring your body back into balance, enjoy the benefits of the combination of holistic treatments and medical services, the joy of exercising out in the open air, healthy delicious food, and time of inspiration.

Come in, come alive, and let us look after you.

People need somewhere where they can find the right balance.

Are you longing for a place that gives you a feeling of timelessness? We can take your mind off things, help you forget yourself, and enjoy a long-lasting break.

An attractive selection

There are many reasons for spending some time-out in the WASNERIN and a holiday in Bad Aussee:

Start the day with a daily yoga course or an activity outdoors. Dive into the indoor and outdoor pools in the largest wellness area in the region exclusively for our guests and pamper yourself to the expert treatments offered by the therapists and beauticians, or take advantage of our detox offers, under medical supervision.

Our team of colleagues are delighted to help you when planning your personal time-out in the WASNERIN on a wellness holiday in Austria.

Isn’t it about time you had some time-out for yourself? We will happily send you an offer for some relaxing days in Aussee

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